District Headlines
Board of Education Meeting 11-3-2014
Board of Education Meeting 11-3-2014
Updated on 11/05/2014
The Region 12 Board of Education meeting on November 3rd featured presentations on future of the Shepaug Valley School as well as an update on Baldwin Media's work with the region. 
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Meet the New School Resource Officer
Meet the New School Resource Officer
Updated on 10/27/2014
Dr. Cosentino sits down to talk to our new Region 12 School Resource Officer, Barbara Alenckis. 
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Health Tips from the Burnham School Student Council
Updated on 10/20/2014
The Burnham School and Nurse McQueen share important information to help keep you healthy this season! 
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Our Mission
Why do we exist?  What is our purpose?
  • Through reflective practice, the mission of Region 12 is to:
  • Optimize student achievement
  • Build a collaborative learning environment
  • Develop engaged citizens

Our VisionOptimize Student Achievement:

  • Engage in relevant and rigorous curricula and assessments.
  • Demonstrate the acquisition of essential skills and knowledge (CCSS). 
  • Promote higher-level thinking and problem solving skills (depth of knowledge). 
  • Foster creativity, imagination, and innovation.
  • Provide effective professional development and teacher support.

Build a collaborative learning environment

  • Nurture cooperative relationships between students, staff, families, and community.
  • Promote respect and acceptance of diverse ideas.
  • Foster active participation in a safe learning environment.
  • Develop and demonstrate effective verbal and written communication skills.
  • Encourage adaptability and flexibility in thinking.

Develop engaged citizens

  • Recognize one's potential and individual responsibility in a global society
  • Cultivate integrity and empathy.
  • Demonstrate self-discipline and responsible risk taking.
  • Embrace lifelong learning.


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