Board of Education Committee Assignments


Agriscience Steering:  Anthony Amato - Chair, Gregory Cava, Michelle Gorra, Michael Sinatra

Building:  Gregory Cava - Chair, Robert Horrigan, John Kuck, Tim Laughlin, Alex McNaugton, Julie Stuart

Education Connection:  Valerie Andersen, Michelle Gorra

Education/Curriculum:  Michelle Gorra - Co-Chair, Michael Sinatra - Co-Chair

Facilities:  Gregory Cava - Chair, Rebecca Devine, Jennifer Pote, and Peter Tagley

Finance:  Valerie Andersen - Chair, Anthony Amato, Michelle Gorra

Long Range Planning: Alan Brown - Chair, Anthony Amato, Rebecca Devine, Michelle Gorra, Jennifer Pote, Peter Tagley

Negotiations:  Gregory Cava - Chair, James Hirschfield, Peter Tagley

Policies and Bylaws:  Michelle Gorra - Chair, Alan Brown, Michael Sinatra