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Welcome to the Region 12 website.  Our intent is to share our Region 12 experience, schools and future with you.  

Region 12, comprised of three towns, Bridgewater, Roxbury and Washington, serves its primary aged children in our three elementary schools: Booth Free Elementary, The Burnham Elementary and Washington Primary Elementary.  The middle and high school students are served by our Shepaug Valley School.

We understand that our children thrive in our supportive communities. Our small class sizes extend that support to the classroom assuring individualized learning experiences for the student. Region 12’s highly qualified and dedicated staff make each student’s education a personal challenge. 

In Fall 2019, our Shepaug Campus grew to include the new Agriscience Center. Core to the Agriscience Center is STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Importantly, this addition to Shepaug refreshes the STEM approach to education at our middle-high school. STEM delivers learning that encourages students to solve complex real-life problems…even while still in school.

Students from surrounding towns, as well as our own, will be learning in the latest technologically advanced classrooms.  The Agriscience students will benefit from STEM, exploring sustainability, agricultural, food production for a rapidly growing global population and biological solutions to environmental challenges, including climate change. With Agriscience, business, environmental, medical, mechanical, animal and food supply come together to challenge the student’s imagination and problem solving.

At Shepaug, graduation is only the first step in our students' tomorrow.  Design your future here!