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Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

Teresa DeBrito

Teresa DeBrito, Director of CIA, PK-12

I have served as an administrator in Region 12 for over 10 years. My world would not be complete if I were not an educator. This was fortified for me when I first began my career as a mathematics teacher. My goal was always to make students believe they could learn math, and to ensure that they did! Giving up was never an option.  I carry that commitment with me in every position I have had. It is a privilege to serve Region 12 students and families.






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Teresa DeBrito 
Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment





  • Lead educators in the development of standards-based, rigorous curriculum and instruction
  • Provide relevant information to families, community and educators
  • Provide educators with up-to-date national and state curricular and assessment information
  • Support educators in the development of relevant, high-level learning opportunities
  • Support educators in the formative assessment process
  • Ensure purposeful professional learning opportunities for administrators and teachers 
  • Sustain reflective growth opportunities
  • Provide relevant curricular and assessment information to families

Curriculum writing is much more than unwrapping standards, creating assessments, establishing essential questions and big ideas. It is a process for teachers to determine the vital transferable learning. This requires collaborative, rich dialogue and a deep understanding of what students need to be able to do. 

As Marzano's research indicates, the number one impact on student achievement is the TEACHER. Teachers must be at the center of this work.


Professional Development

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