Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

The Curriculum Office is responsible for the development and continued revisions of curriculum, PK-12, in all disciplines, development and administration of internal and state-mandated assessments, instructional practice, and professional learning.  The success of the office is dependent on a truly collaborative model focused on improving learning experiences for our students.

            Teresa DeBrito          Director of Curriculum

I have served as an administrator in Region 12 for over 10 years. My world would not be complete if I were not an educator. This was fortified for me when I first began my career as a mathematics teacher.

My goal was always to make students believe they could learn math, and to ensure that they did! Giving up was never an option.  I carry that commitment with me in every position I have had. It is a privilege to serve Region 12 students and families.





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Teresa DeBrito 
Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment



Sue Haverly 
Assistant to the Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment