Office of the Superintendent

                Megan Bennett

I am honored to join the Region 12 school system with its reputation of innovation and excellence in education.  As the Region enters a time of change, it will bring with it opportunities that are centered around our students’ achievement.  Schools are the gateway to future successful adults.

My vision is a world-class education system designed around the needs of students.  Students are no longer just focused on reading, writing and arithmetic. We now need to provide our students with ways to compete in the global market.  We need students who can communicate, collaborate, problem solve and think creatively. As educators, we seek to grow all students to their fullest potential while still addressing their developmental and emotional needs.

The Agriscience academy will be a project that requires care and attention to flourish.  This community has trusted me with this project. I am excited for the opportunities we are building for our students.  The Agriscience vision will capitalize on responsible farming practices, biotechnologies, veterinary skills and crop engineering.  Our students will be learning about harnessing the power of technology to reduce demands on our earth.

All of our schools will be busy providing our students with personalized learning experiences.  We will be growing their intellectually curious minds by providing them opportunities both within and beyond the classroom.  We will continue to connect our three elementary schools so that our students can have more shared experiences.

I ask members of the Region 12 communities to proudly share the accomplishments of our children.  We are always establishing what Region 12 is – we are a premium educational experience.

My email address is  I look forward to hearing from you and learning about your experiences, opportunities and children!


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Megan Bennett 
Superintendent of Schools

Debby Bliven
Assistant to the Superintendent of Schools