Pupil Personnel Department


Pupil Personnel Department Office hours are 7:00am-4:00pm and can be reached at (860) 868-6100

Name Contact Information
Allyson O'Hara 
Director of Pupil Personnel Services


Marilyn Ebreo
Assistant to the Director of Pupil Personnel Services



Special Education Services

Region 12 school facilities are available, subject to approval, for use as outlined in the Use of School Facilities Policy 1330.

To apply, please read, print and sign both the Rules and Regulations agreement and the Application for Use of Facilities form and send the signed documents to the respective school for review. Allow 2 weeks for processing.  Any application not received in a timely fashion might not be considered.

As part of this application process, a certificate of insurance is required for each submittal. If you need to get a temporary insurance policy to cover the approved request for facility use, CIRMA has a program called Tulip where you can get a quote for this coverage. 

Tulip Program: Tenant-User Liability Insurance Program

Please contact the Facilities Department at 860-868-6174 if you have any questions. Individual school information is as follows:

School Address Phone Fax
Booth Free School 14 South Street
Roxbury, CT 06783
860-354-9391 860-350-6563

Burnham School

80 Main Street South
Bridgewater, CT 06752

860-354-5559 860-350-1597

Washington Primary School

11 School Street
Washington Depot, CT 06794
860-868-7331 860-868-2975
Shepaug Valley School 159 South Street
Washington, CT 06793
860-868-7326 860-868-6260


Support Services

Testing was done in each school January 17 through January 20, 2017. The sampling was performed by Fuss & O’Neill EnviroScience, LLC in response to Connecticut General Statute Section 10-220. The sampling followed the protocols of EPA Radon Measurement in Schools, EPA 402-R-92-014The 2017 sampling serves to meet the five-year cycle requirement for Region 12 School District. The test results showed that we are in compliance. 

Below is the conclusion of the radon testing from Fuss & O’Neill EnviroScience.


During the course of the initial radon air sampling in the Region 12 schools, thirty-six (36) sampling canisters, including duplicates and blanks, were placed in 10% of every frequently occupied room that is either located on ground level, or over a room, or space that touches the ground, but does not meet the EPA/CTDPH criteria of "frequently occupied". All canisters were found to be in place and undisturbed when EnviroScience retrieved the canisters. Sample collection complied with CTDPH and EPA requirements. The RPD was not calculated, since in each duplicate pair, both results were below the 4.0 pCi/L standard, as adjusted for the canister error rate. The 'blank' sampling canisters did not exceed a level that would question the validity of the radon air sampling.

The average outdoor radon concentration as studied by the EPA is 0.4 pCi/L and the average indoor concentration is 1.3 pCi/L. The EPA has a recommended action guideline of 4.0 pCi/L and recommends taking further action (fixing the problem) if results are over 4.0 pCi/L. The results for the Region 12 School District sampling were all below the average EPA standard and are not of concern for the sampling dates.

Report prepared by Environmental Technician, Robert Eaton.

Report reviewed and approved by: 

Jared D. Smith, CSP
Project Manager
NEHA NRPP #1008247 RT

Robert L. May, Jr. 
NEHA NRPP #105366 RT

Child Find

According to federal regulations, Region 12  is responsible for the locating, identifying and evaluating all children from birth through age twenty-one who require special education and related services.  This responsibility includes children enrolled in private schools and migrant or homeless students. 

Children who are under the age of three may qualify to receive services through community agencies under the Connecticut Birth to Three System.  Children can be referred to the B-3 System by parents, health professionals and school staff.  Staff from Region 12 participate in transition meetings and planning and placement team meetings with families and B-3 providers to ensure the student has a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) in place at the age of three.  Parents are welcome to call (860) 868-6100 for additional information.

Parents of children ages three and above who are not enrolled in Region 12 schools can contact the Pupil Personnel Office at (860) 868-6100 and speak with Allyson O’Hara about any developmental concerns.

Students enrolled in Region 12 Schools are identified by teachers through student performance on benchmark assessmens.  Students who are not meeting benchmarks are given additional interventions to support their learning.  If student progress is limited, the student may be referred to the Planning and Placement Team (PPT).  Parents will be notified of the referral in writing and invited to a PPT meeting to discuss school and parent concerns.  Evaluations may be planned at this meeting.

For any further information, please contact Allyson O’Hara at (860) 868-6100 or oharaa@region-12.org


According to state and federal special education laws, parents/guardians have the right to an independent educational evaluation of their child at public expense if they disagree with an evaluation of the child conducted by the district. The Regional School District 12 Public Schools has established the following procedure for obtaining an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) and criteria for the selection of an appropriate evaluator. In accordance with applicable law, these criteria also apply to outside evaluations performed by an outside evaluator selected by, and/or, at the request of the Regional School District 12 Public Schools.