Chromebook Program

Region 12 is utilizing Chromebooks, powered by Google with our students. The devices are slightly different than traditional computers and tablets. A Chromebook, "the (always) new computer", is essentially a netbook or an Internet-based computer. With no traditional hard drive or downloaded software, a Chromebook is powered by the Internet, and in this case, Google's Chrome Internet Browser. All programs and applications run online, or in "the cloud." With services like Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentation and more, your child will be able to complete all of the same work that they would need to do on a traditional computer but have access to that information from any Internet-enabled computer or device (even a smartphone!).  To learn more about how your child's Chromebook works, watch the video below as it provides an excellent, short explanation or browse through this great tutorial.




Region 12 has a 1:1 Chromebook program with students in grades 6-12. To be eligible for a Chromebook device, students and their parents must have an annual Chromebook Contract and on file with the school. By signing the contract, students and parents are agreeing to the Terms of Use, including the responsibilities involved with the Chromebook use.

In addition, parents will have the option of purchasing insurance on the Chromebook to limit the financial impact of a damaged device. To purchase a policy, go to the Chromebook Insurance Information link to the left.

If your child’s Chromebook is damaged, they should bring it to the IT office at Shepaug. The IT department staff will handle the insurance claim, including boxing up and shipping the damaged Chromebook to the repair facility. The student will also be given a “loaner” Chromebook to use while their Chromebook is being repaired.  If the student’s Chromebook is not insured, certain repairs can be done in house by the IT staff. These repairs, however, will incur a charge and a letter will be sent home for payment.

Students will participate in an orientation session prior to taking possession of their device where they will learn the basics of using the Chromebooks. 

Students who are participating in the 1:1 initiative are asked to start each school day with a fully charged Chromebook. The Samsung Chromebook is expected to last about 6.5 hours on a full charge. The charging port is located on the back of your device while the battery life indicator is located on the lower left hand corner of the screen.

To learn more specifics about signing in, adjusting your settings, connecting to Wi-Fi or fixing any minor issues, please review the support page at Google. Any technology issues or concerns should be directed to the IT Office at Shepaug.