Annual Chromebook Insurance Program


Smart Tech Insurance Co.


Region 12 has made arrangements for Smart Tech Insurance Co. to provide annual optional BUT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED insurance for Chromebook devices. Click here for their brochure. 

If your child’s Chromebook is damaged, they should bring it to the IT office at their respective school as soon as possible. The IT department staff will handle the insurance claim, including boxing up and shipping the damaged Chromebook to the repair facility. If available, the student will also be given a “loaner” Chromebook to use while their device is being repaired.

If you choose to waive insurance, parents will be responsible for the full cost of all repairs made in house by the IT staff caused by accidental damage not covered by warranty or the full replacement cost of the Chromebook if it is lost, vandalized or deemed unrepairable. Below is a price list for typical repairs which includes parts and labor for EACH OCCURRENCE.

  • Replacement screen - $90.00
  • Replacement keyboard - $90.00
  • Lost/Broken Charger - $35.00
  • Full Replacement Chromebook - $300.00
  • Replacement Case - $35.00

Chromebook insurance can be purchased ANNUALLY online at: