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Introduction to a Comprehensive Literacy Program., myView


Region 12 Schools is committed to ensuring that every child can read, at grade level, by 3rd grade.   The Connecticut legislature passed the "Right to Read" legislation in June 2021, PA 21-2.  In this legislation, the state was required to establish a literacy center tasked with overseeing and approving district literacy programs.  

A committee of Region 12 teachers attended presentations, delivered by literacy program publishers, and selected myView, a state approved comprehensive literacy program, for their pilot.  This literacy program aligns to the CT Core Standards and includes both the Science of Reading and Writing.   Details regarding this program are available below.

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Region 12 Review & Pilot Status of K-5 Literacy Program

Learn about the CT Literacy Center: CT Center for Literacy

Learn more about the CT State Standards:  CT Core Standards




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