Booth Free School is a K-5 elementary school tucked away in the beautiful small town of Roxbury. We have class sizes no larger than 15 students.  We have staff members that serve our school with some of them shared between the other elementary schools in Region 12. Our school is a reflective learning community that focuses on continuous improvements. The highly qualified and dedicated staff members provide an engaging and caring learning environment focused on high academic and social success. We are dedicated to our work and proud of our accomplishments with students, staff, and families. 

Cathy Colella

Cathy Colella, Principal

Our school’s motto, “Choose to be different.  Choose to be a star!” is reflective of the individual and collective expectations for all students.  Through best instructional practices and differentiation our staff works to meet all students’ needs leading students to shine like a “star”. 

Our belief that our teaching practices for bringing together social and academic learning throughout the school is essential to academic learning.  Based on the tenets of Responsive Classroom and our Ben’s Bell Kindness Program, children learn and practice specific social skills.  Important skills practiced throughout the year include cooperation, assertion, responsibility, empathy, self-control, and the capacity to be kind. Booth Free School’s strong emphasis on knowing the children we teach – individually, culturally, and developmentally – is as important as knowing the content we teach.  There is a positive power of community in each of the classrooms and the Responsive Classroom approach and our kind campus makes our school a place of joy and rich learning for all children.  

Booth Free School is proud of its connection and commitment to the community.  Parents and community volunteers are an integral part of our learning community and provide many enrichment opportunities enhancing our programs.  Our parents also have a strong commitment to participating in our children’s education. This is demonstrated through our active PTO, high participation in all parent conferences, and high attendance at school functions.  

As we look ahead, our goals for developing personalized academic, social and emotional experiences for all students will be at the forefront of our collective work. The efforts of all staff will continue to focus on setting high expectations, developing engaging learning experiences that offer students purpose, challenge, and choice.  


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Cathy Colella 
Principal of Booth Free & Burnham School