Shepaug Valley Partnership

SVP Students receive an award from Subaru

Shepaug Valley Partnership is a community based transition program designed to assist in the transition from school to adult life. The program began in the 2018-19 school year. Our transition program is for students 18-22 years old that have met their academic requirements to graduate but need to continue to develop their vocational and independent living skills. Each transition plan is individually created to the strengths, interests, and vocational preferences of each young adult in the program.

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Shepaug Valley Partnership student purchasing products
  • Increase student’s level of independence 

  • Improve social and communication skills across various settings

  • Provide opportunities for paid employment in the integrated community settings 

  • Develop natural supports within the community

  • Improve and increase mobility and safety in the community

  • Improve and increase self-advocacy and self-determination skills

  • Develop age appropriate, integrated leisure and recreation skills

  • Develop decision making skills in the workplace and for everyday life

  • Communicate and establish relationships with adult agencies before leaving the public school setting

shepaug valley partnership students and police


Becoming An Independent Adult

  • Shepaug Valley Partnership student using ATM machine

    Daily Living and Planning (weather, clothing choices, work, leisure, healthy cooking, using a microwave, safety in the home)

  • Banking (Budgeting, making deposits and withdrawals, using ATM, using bank ledger) Community safety (crosswalks, parking lots, strangers and emergencies)

  • Lifelong fitness (healthy food, workout options and fitness plan development)

  • Shopping (food, clothing, gifts)

  • Dining out (fast food, sit down restaurants, reading a menu, ordering, tipping)

  • Community services (libraries, police, fire, emergency services) 

  • Work related skills (communication, productivity, soft skills)

  • Self-Advocacy (work site, community, individual choices/preferences, conversational skills)

  • Travel Training (riding the HART bus)

  • Leisure Activities (reading, games, outdoor activities)

  • Employment (authentic work experiences, increasing stamina and Independence)

  • Community safety

Bryan Memorial Town Hall


Bryan Memorial Town Hall
2 Bryan Hall Plaza
Washington Depot, CT  06793



Student Quotes

Shepaug Valley Partnership student at The Mayflower Inn
“I love going to Marty’s to order food and a drink.” 
“I like going to the gym because I plan my own workout.”
“I go to the ATM and put in my paycheck.” 
“The best part is being an adult and being able to make choices.” 



Business Testimonials

Washington Town Clerk
“What a wonderful addition the Shepaug Valley Partnership has been to Bryan Memorial Town Hall! An average, generic conference room has been transformed into an active and energetic space. I walk down that hallway on a daily basis and often exchange greetings and conversation with the staff and young adults as they prepare to settle in to study or on their way to their jobs. The program seems to be thriving and we all are benefitting from this partnership.”  

Aspetuck Animal Hospital
“We have been working with the Shepaug Valley Partnership for the past 2 years.  The interns complete jobs such as cleaning, stocking, and organizing; the jobs that seem to fall by the wayside when we are busy! It is so helpful to have them here weekly to make sure these tasks get done!  The job coaches do a great job in keeping the intern on task and making sure the jobs are done correctly. This program is certainly a benefit to these young adults, and also a benefit to our business.”

Salem Covenant Church
“The student has been doing wonderful work and we are grateful to have her as part of our staff!  I couldn't be more pleased with our partnership.”

Contact Information

Betsy O’Neill
Transition Teacher/Program Coordinator