Dear Members of the Region 12 Community:

My team and I are excited to welcome everyone back for a new school year in 2023-24!  Our students and families are the reason we are here.  Faculty and staff chose this profession out of love for children, and we strive to let that feeling shine through in all we do.  We remain dedicated to providing the highest quality experiences in teaching, learning and student wellness.

Shepaug Principal Donald Shels
One of my favorite books is called For A Better World.  Its authors contend that all education should exist for the purpose of improving the human condition.  We all need a “why;” a moral or philosophical imperative behind our pursuits.  Here at Shepaug, we want to help all students find their “why,” from which should flow learning experiences in service to some larger good.
Each student is unique, and so part of our responsibility is to foster student introspection, inspiring passion born of self discovery, and then applied to the creation of a “better world.”  Under this mindset, learners do.  They act.  When our Agriscience students grow produce in our greenhouse and donate it to food banks, and when our students perform in our studios, stages or on our athletic fields, and when our students create academic artifacts or charitable projects that are consumed and valued outside of the school, Shepaug learners act.  Their actions aggregate to a better world.
We are all partners on a wonderful journey.  I value strong relationships with all our stakeholders, and I sincerely hope you will call or drop by to chat or share ideas.  Together we can make a better world.


Donald R. Schels, Ed.D.

Principal, Shepaug Valley School


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Donald R. Schels

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