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Dear Shepaug Valley School Family:

Welcome back to the 2018-2019 school year!

This year our school breakfasts and lunches will have many healthy choices for your child every day! The breakfast meal costs $2.00 and the lunch meal costs $3.00. 

The Federal and the State of Connecticut government’s issue nutrition standards for meals served to America’s schoolchildren, based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. These Dietary Guideline include strict limits on the calories, saturated fat, trans fat and sodium in school meals. We are meeting these nutrition standards by offering students a selection of low-fat and fat-free milk, larger portions of colorful fruits and vegetables, and a variety of whole grains and lean protein choices. For more information on the Dietary Guidelines, see 

All lunches include five meal components: 
• a meat or meat alternate such as yogurt, hummus, lean beef, chicken or low-fat cheese; 
• all grains will be whole grain rich; 
• a fresh or canned fruit selection; 
• raw or cooked vegetables in a variety of colors; and 
• low-fat or fat-free milk selections. 

Each child must select at least three of these five components on their tray to make a meal, including a fruit or vegetable. Children must select a fruit or a vegetable with their lunch every day. Without a vegetable or fruit, students will be charged the a la carte price instead of the meal price.

All breakfasts include three meal components:
• low-fat or fat-free milk selections. 
• a fresh or canned fruit selection;(or a vegetables substitute if offered)
• all grains will be whole grain rich; 

Students must select at least three components for a complete breakfast meal. One of these items must be a ½ cup of fruit or its vegetable substitute.

Our school district will be encouraging students to try new foods. Please explain to your child before they arrive at school that they need to be prepared to select at least one fruit or vegetable with their meals every day. We are planning our menus to include selections we know students like, as well as many different foods they may not have tried before. Please encourage your child to try these new foods. They just might find a new favorite!

We look forward to serving your child this year and we welcome your feedback regarding our menus and choices. 

Have a great year!

Ginger Flanagan
Cafeteria Manager