Mission Statement

Washington primary scool is a learning community dedicated to educating and inspiring children.  we foster engagement, a growtH mindset, diverse thinking and collaboration to achieve high expectations.  in partnership with families and our community, we prepare children to be respectful, kind, caring, and contributing citizens who will lead us into the future.



  • We value academic learning that is relevant and promotes application and transfer of skills and concepts.
  • We value social learning as a foundation for a positive and joyful learning environment by developing skills in cooperation, assertiveness, responsibility, empathy and self-control (CARES).
  • We value the impact of specific feedback to accelerate student learning.
  • We value innovative thinking and curiosity.
  • We value effort based learning. 
  • We value independent thinkers who collaboratively solve problems. 
  • We value opportunities for self-directed, inquiry and choice driven activities that promote student engagement.  
  • We value the development of mindful practices and self-regulation habits. 
  • We value partnerships among students within the learning community and between grade levels. 
  • We value parents as partners with 2-way communication and support. 
  • We value the integration of technology as a tool for learning, research, practice, communication and creation.
  • We value professional learning and continuous growth. 
  • We value positivity, optimism, and perseverance to support a growth mindset.
  • We lead by example and embrace best practices. 
  • We value making a positive difference through action. 
Revised September 2023