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WELCOME TO the 2022-2023 School Year!

Please click here for KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION*Please note that current REACH students will receive special enrollment instructions from the school



June 1, 2023:


  • Lunches ordered? 
  • Tomorrow, June 2nd is Field Day.  It is going to be HOT, so please make sure your children are dressed for the weather and also have their water bottles.  Also, please apply sunscreen before school.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  The last day of school is June 14th.  Both June 13th and 14th are ½ days.  REACH students will be dismissed at 10:45.  K-5 students will be dismissed at 12:45.  
  • June 8th and 9th are now full days.
  • If you missed seeing the K-12 art show at SVS, don't worry. All of the artwork is on display at the Judy Black Memorial Park and Gardens, 1 Green Hill, Washington Depot, CT May 25 through June 2.
  • The Washington Environmental Council is offering two scholarships for students in grades 3-5 for the Pratt Summer Camp.  See flyer below for details
  • Get ready for our Celebration Parade!  See flyer below for details.


  • ¿Almuerzos ordenados? 
  • Mañana, 2 de junio es el Día del Campo. Va a hacer CALOR, así que asegúrese de que sus hijos estén vestidos para el clima y también tengan sus botellas de agua. Además, aplique protector solar antes de la escuela.
  • TENGA EN CUENTA: El último día de clases es el 14 de junio. Tanto el 13 como el 14 de junio son ½ días. Los estudiantes de REACH saldrán a las 10:45. Los estudiantes de K-5 saldrán a las 12:45. Los días 8 y 9 de junio ya son días completos.
  • Si se perdió la exhibición de arte K-12 en SVS, no se preocupe. Todas las obras de arte se exhiben en Judy Black Memorial Park and Gardens, 1 Green Hill, Washington Depot, CT, del 25 de mayo al 2 de junio.
  • El Consejo Ambiental de Washington está ofreciendo dos becas para estudiantes en los grados 3-5 para el Campamento de Verano de Pratt. Consulte el folleto a continuación para obtener más detalles.
  • ¡Prepárate para nuestro Desfile de Celebración! Consulte el folleto a continuación para obtener más detalles.

Visitor Policy


Parents and interested citizens are welcomed and encouraged to visit and volunteer in our schools.  All non-staff/student members entering the primary schools are asked to use the main lobby doors.  Please report to the office immediately upon arrival.  Our office staff will assist you in your needs. This procedure is to ensure the safety of our students.
Regional School District 12 uses Raptor Technology software, a visitor management system, in each of our schools. This system helps protect our children by tracking visitors, contractors and volunteers who come into our school. Upon entering a school building, all visitors are asked to present a valid state issued driver’s license which will be entered into the Raptor system in order to issue a badge identifying the name of the visitor, as well as the time and date of their visit. The system has the ability to provide alerts on people who may jeopardize the safety of our schools. Visitors will return the badge prior to exiting the building and will be signed out of the system. Subsequent visits will not require a license. The visitor will report to the office, state his/her name and a badge will be printed from the individual’s information already in the system.
In addition, parents or guardians who wish to observe their child's class may call in advance to arrange with the teacher a mutually agreed upon visitation time. Please reserve questions or comments for a follow up conference.   Visits for potential students must be arranged in advance through each school’s main office.

Notes from Nurse Hodge

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