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Internet Safety

Our students discuss internet safety and digital responsibility with our SRO Officer, Rich Innaimo.

SRO Internet Safety
Rhythm, Timbre, and Intonation.

4th and 5th grade instrumentalists practice together.

4th  & 5th grade Band
Second Grade Engineers

Second Grade engineers designed a way to keep popsicles frozen when they forgot a cooler on a hot day.  Ask them about their successes and what they would change.

First Grade stem
Kindness at Washington Primary School
At Region 12, we value the importance of kindness for all. In this video, we take a look at the ways in which the students and staff at WPS have incorporated kindness into their school!

Can you power a fan? Spin a wheel? Light a bulb?

These two third graders chose to do an exploration with littleBits (electronic building blocks) to finish their mission:  Build a circuit loop.


Makerspace - October
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