School News

WPS Art to be seen at inaugural Art Show and Auction to be held at Bryan Memorial Town Hall!

There will be both a Silent and Live Auction featuring works from local artists from Washington and area towns as well as student works that will include 2 collaborative collages from WPS: Love Birds by Third and Fourth graders, and Undersea by First and Second graders.

Tickets are available from Rotary Club members and at Washington Supply and Hickory Stick Bookshop. Advance tickets $10, tickets at the Door $15.


Sgt. Stephen Williams (Ret.), Deputy Chief of the Washington Fire Dept., comes to WPS to instruct Fifth grade students in the care of the American Flag.


Having learned the standards of American Flag care and etiquette, our fifth grade students now hold the daily job of raising and lowering the flag.

Flag Day


"Appreciation Circle": a weekly activity designed to foster empathy and appreciation.

After selecting another student's name out of their "stick bucket" in the morning, grade 5 students report back to the group at closing circle what they appreciate about their classmates throughout the day.

Appreciation Circle Grade 5

"I hope all my classmates and all the kids in this school will benefit from our share of this awesome activity" -Grade 5 student

Would you like to learn an instrument? Fifth graders performed demonstrations on their instruments for younger students interested in band.
Grade 5 models instruments for 4th grade.
Fifth Grader modeling instrument for younger students.



At Open House, principal Emily Judd showcased the school-wide initiatives planned at WPS this year.


Open House Gym

At WPS, teachers imbed the practice of GRIT into the learning model to foster purpose and hope in our young scholars.

Open House Highlights Slide