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Grade 4 has been studying concussions, and are now making videos to educate about the effects of concussions to the brain, and strategies to minimize these events.

Grade 4 Concussion Videos
Garden Club presents homemade Wreaths and Swags
Wreath Making
Garden Club


Presenting Wreath
Holidays around the world!

This year on December 21st, the Washington Primary Students "traveled" to Scotland and Thailand.  Every year, our students spend a morning learning about the celebratory customs of other countries’ holidays.  Teachers develop engaging activities that allow our students to understand how our customs are similar and different to other countries. 

Thailand Instruction
SVS Help


Holidays around the world
Kindness at Washington Primary School
At Region 12, we value the importance of kindness for all. In this video, we take a look at the ways in which the students and staff at WPS have incorporated kindness into their school!





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