COVID-19/Reopening Plan Information

District Plan Links

For those who want a quick overview, you can read through the 2021 A-Z Parent Notes for Reopening Schools R12:
Individual School Plans links:


Region 12 Support

  • Region 12 phone lines are covered throughout the day, and we are available for any questions.  The main number for Region 12 Schools is (860) 868-6100.
  • Our support services providers, including counselors and psychologists, are remotely accessible if you or your child needs help in coping with the stress and anxiety regarding COVID-19.  You are welcome to reach out to Michael Boucher at (860) 868-6219 or to schedule a time to speak to a support service provider. 
  • Please note that students may be exposed to false information on social media.   You can refer to this simple, stick-to-the-facts article to help your conversation about COVID-19 with your child.
  • Nurse at Booth Free School - PHONE: (860) 355-0428
  • Nurse at Burnham School - PHONE: (860) 354-5559
  • Nurse at Shepaug Valley School - PHONE: (860) 868-6205
  • Nurse at Washington Primary School - PHONE: (860) 868-7331

Community Services


Click button below for Families First Coronavirus Response Act


Families First Coronavirus Response Act


SATs and Smarter Balanced Assessments (SBA) will have a longer testing window to allow for proper testing administration.  We have asked clarification on AP testing requirements.